Nutri-Ox Treatment for Extremely Thin Step 3C - 118ml


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Description of product

Ideal for fine, normal and chemically-treated hair that is in the most extreme stages of thinning hair and hair loss.
An ultra-concentrated, highly intensive leave-in treatment that encourages healthy hair growth. Maximizes the potential for healthy, strong, fuller looking hair when used according to the instructions. Delivers nourishment and oxygen to the root of the hair shaft.
Result of extensive scientific studies to formulate a clinically proven treatment for the needs of thinning hair and hair loss.
Helps stabilize hair loss while assisting to optimize healthy hair growth.

Directions of use
Apply twice daily, approximately 12 hours apart after shampooing and towel drying hair, or when scalp is dry
Place sprayer directly on scalp and spray evenly 10 times
Massage into scalp with fingertips for 1 minute to stimulate blood circulation do not rinse
Do not rinse

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