Grab&Go Specialty Sandwich (Island Turkey Loaf) 121g



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Description of product

  • Convenient & tasty
  • Available in 12 various flavours
  • Carefully sealed for safety & quality
  • Made to Grab&Go

Freshness & Convenience

Delectable turkey slices, fresh cucumber & romaine lettuce with Thousand Island dressing in-between. You’ll ‘gobble’ down this sandwich in no time.

*Made to Grab&Go
*Properly sealed for safety, quality and convenience

A brief introduction

Created by a bunch of busy people who are always hungry and who understands the hustle and bustle of city life.
Freshness & convenience being the main goals of the brand, Grab&Go was made to deliver ‘tasty on-the-go meals’ for that rumbling in your tummy.

G&G guarantees a safe & healthy bite every time you Grab&Go. How you ask? Well that’s because ALL their sandwiches are carefully sealed using a special sealing technique that keeps bacteria and harmful pathogens away from their sandwiches.

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