Electricity Saving Box (ESB) Product Features

Electricity Saving Box (ESB) Product Features

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Electricity Saving Box (ESB) Product Features

  • Saves up to 30% of electrical consumption

  • Fully compliant with safety standards Technical Parameter, CE Marking

  • Improve electrical efficiency and power factor

  • Easy to use, no wiring and no installation are required

  • Reduce electrical overheating

  • Stabilize the supply voltage

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Parameter : Rated voltage : 90V - 240V

  • Rated frequency : 50HZ - 60HZ

  • Power consumption : 15,000W

  • weight ; 300g

  • The product is highly recommended for the following electronic equipments: air-con,washing machine,fanner,refrigerator,TV,PC,florescent light,water pump

  • Perfect for home or office and etc


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