Brahim Sauce Kuah Masak Lemak 180g

Brahim Sauce Kuah Masak Lemak 180g



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Description of product

  • Gluten free
  • Creamy Coconut Paste
  • No Colouring and Preservatives
  • Easy to prepare

An authentic ready-to-cook creamy coconut sauce made with ginger, bird chilli and lemon grass. Simply add cut meats and enjoy! Brahim’s Simmer Sauces contains no MSG, artificial coloring or artificial preservatives for a healthier meal option. A special blend of high quality natural herbs, spices and other ingredients gives the most authentic and tasty meal you’ve ever tasted. With its complete easy cooking steps and precise portioning, Brahim’s will help you deliver consistent cooking results every time!

A Brief History

Brahim’s range of Asian simmer sauces, cooking sauces and ready-to-eat meals enables cooking of classic authentic Malaysian and Asian dishes effortlessly at home.  Quality and premium ingredients are present within every product to create the most authentic Asian meal at home. All Brahim’s products are MSG Free, Preservative Free and Free from Food Colouring. Brahim products are all Halal Certified

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