ATTIVA Rebonding Straightening Cream Step 1 and Step 2 1000 ML x 2 Krim Rebonding Meluruskan Rambut

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Description of product

ATTIVA Straightening Cream is specially formulated for relaxing and straightening all types of curly hair. Enriched with vitamin minerals, the formula proves to protect the hair texture while achieving a natural straight result when used professionally.

Hair Type
Curly hair

How to use

Shampoo hair, blow till 80% dry.
Apply XP1 (Relaxer) on hair, section by section beginning from nape towards crown.
Process 20-30 mins (normal hair), depending on porosity of hair texture.
For colored hair and re-growth, apply to roots first. For the ends process 3-5 mins only.
Check the degree of softening, it should be as resilient as a rubber band.
Rinse hair thoroughly and blow till 80% dry.
Using a hot iron, iron hair till it is straight.
Apply XP2 (Neutralizer) to entire hair.
Process for 8-10 mins and rinse thoroughly.
Proceed with blow- drying.
Contains vitamins.

Has deep conditioning elements that protect the hair whilst being treated chemically.

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