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Among the new proposals Adidas for football in 2017, we also find the new shoes and Put 16.3 FG. Where the regular player stops, the sample begins: with the new Put it is you create the game and to dominate the scene, deciding on games, and becoming decisive in each situation. The new Adidas Messi 16.3 FG feature a synthetic upper with the Agility Touch Skins, that allows a snug fit and a touch of the ball with high standards of quality. The structure of the mono-tongue of the tongue will prevent dirt and debris into the shoe, ensuring optimum comfort. Sowing opponents: thanks to the configuration Made of the studs, you will be able to avoid any obstacle that will present you in front, taking full advantage of the excellent grip that will be available to you. It dominates in style: the new golden colour will shine to the eyes of anyone who will be watching you play and will make you the true star in the middle of the field. Used to be decisive, with the new Adidas Messi 16.3 FG at the foot. Data Sheet Synthetic upper Agility Touch Skin Structure mono-tongue Tacchettatura Messi FG ideal for natural soils at the bottom of the compact

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