ABC Sambal Extra Pedas 395g



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Description of product

  • Made with fresh chili & Garlic  
  • Perfect as dips
  • Halal Certified

ABC Sambal Extra Pedas brings out the taste of fresh red chili, making fans of spicy food fall on their knees! Keep your drinks close, as this product can make you taste the best of both deliciousness and spiciness!

 A Brief History

ABC is the second largest-selling soy sauce brand in the world and is regarded as the leading brand in Indonesia, where it was created over 60 years ago.  The original product, sweet soy or kecap manis (“kechup mannis”), is still the best selling product today, given its multi-purpose applications and exotic ingredients that are indigenous only to the tropical islands of Java (palm tree syrup and soy). This all natural thick, rich sauce is widely considered a “magical” ingredient by many great chefs around the world and is very popular among consumers who are looking for a flavorful and versatile sauce.

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